Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Caladon and Feah picture

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Agent query update

I've lost track of the exact number of queries that I've sent out, but most have come back with polite declinations. A few are form letters, one is a form slip (kinda insulting, that), one was a printed card (interesting) and a few were at least handwritten and/or signed. However, my top pick of agent is still undecided, although since it was query-only I can just imagine that it's in the middle of a very big pile of letters, still. The manuscript is still out with the one agent, so my hopes are pinned on that.

I submitted the manuscript to an indie press, a coupla weeks ago. Haven't heard anything yet, so there's that too.

Okay, update to the update: yet another PD (polite declination). Still not from #1 pick tho . . .

Update to the update update: another PD. The past month has been hard on my ego :(