Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Agent query update

I've lost track of the exact number of queries that I've sent out, but most have come back with polite declinations. A few are form letters, one is a form slip (kinda insulting, that), one was a printed card (interesting) and a few were at least handwritten and/or signed. However, my top pick of agent is still undecided, although since it was query-only I can just imagine that it's in the middle of a very big pile of letters, still. The manuscript is still out with the one agent, so my hopes are pinned on that.

I submitted the manuscript to an indie press, a coupla weeks ago. Haven't heard anything yet, so there's that too.

Okay, update to the update: yet another PD (polite declination). Still not from #1 pick tho . . .

Update to the update update: another PD. The past month has been hard on my ego :(


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